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State Food and Drug Administration of "Sanding program" announced
Date:2013-05-23    Clicks:1494

Recently, the State Council issued a notice to the State Council approved the "State Food and Drug Administration of the main functions of their internal structure and staffing requirements," the official issuance of the country.

According to the "Sanding program", cancel, decentralization, integration and strengthen State Food and Drug Administration of relevant duties, functions after the change of the State Food and Drug Administration of a total of ten main responsibilities include: responsible for drafting the food (including food additives, health food, the same below) security, medicines (including Chinese medicine, folk medicine, the same below), medical devices, cosmetics, supervision and management of draft laws and regulations, formulation of policy planning, the development of departmental rules and regulations, promote the establishment of enterprises the main responsibility for the implementation of food safety, local people government responsibility mechanism, the establishment of the Food and Drug significant information direct reporting system, and organize the implementation, supervision and inspection efforts to prevent regional and systemic food and drug safety risks. Responsible for the implementation of administrative licensing approach food and supervise the implementation. Responsible for the organization to develop, publish national pharmacopoeia standards and other drugs and medical devices, classification management system and supervise its implementation. Responsible for the development of food, medicines, medical equipment, cosmetics supervision and management of inspection system and organize the implementation, organization investigate major violations. Responsible for food and drug safety emergency system construction, organizing and directing the food and drug safety emergency disposal and investigation work, supervise the implementation of the accident investigation. Responsible for food and drug safety plan and organize the implementation of scientific and technological development, and promote food and drug inspection and testing system, electronic monitoring traceability system and information technology. Responsible for carrying food and drug safety publicity, education and training, international exchanges and cooperation. Guidance to local food and drug supervision and management, standardize administrative law enforcement, improve the administrative law enforcement and criminal justice mechanisms. The State Council Food Safety Commission undertake their daily work. By the State Council and the State Council Food Safety Commission other tasks assigned to such matters.

According duties, the State Food and Drug Administration of the establishment of 17 internal organs, administrative organs of the preparation for the SAT 345. State Food and Drug Administration of the State Council Food Safety Commission to add a brand office.

"Sanding program" also defined the State Food and Drug Administration of the Ministry of Agriculture, the National Health and Family Planning Commission, the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Public Security on the division of responsibilities.

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